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Design & Manufacture of a Steel Hydraulic Manifold for the Food Industry

Steel Hydraulic Manifold for Food Industry

MED-KAS LLC was contracted to design and manufacture a steel manifold for a customer in the food industry. The manifold as highlighted here would control the fluid flow between pumps and actuators in a hydraulic system. Composed of High grade steel, advanced in house equipment was employed for the precision CNC milling, drilling, tapping, countersinking, counter boring, and surface grinding used to fabricate the specific shapes and recesses of the manifold. With a 32 RMS finish, it also featured tight tolerance of ± 0.001". Finally, a 0.0015" thick nickel plating was applied, for increased wear resistance and corrosion protection.

Finished dimensions of the manifold were 28" in length, a depth of 19 ½", and 14" thickness. Lead time on this project was 6-7 weeks, delivered to the client in Iowa. Full testing and inspections were applied to certify accuracy and quality, including dimensional and visual inspections, and hydrostatic leak testing. MED-KAS LLC specializes in the custom design and fabrication of manifolds of any size. With a full range of advanced CNC machining centers, all work can be carried out on-site yielding accurate and repeatable results. For more information about this custom manifold project, or other machining capabilities of MED-KAS LLC, please see the table below or contact MED-KAS directly.

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Highlights of this Manifold Design and Fabrication
Product DescriptionThis is a manifold that controls fluid flow between pumps and actuators in a hydraulic system
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Engineering – Design
Surface Grinding
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartHorizontal CNC Machine and Surface Grinder
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 28"
Depth: 19 ½"
Thickness: 14"
Tightest Tolerances± 0.001"
Material UsedSteel
Material FinishSurface Ground – 32 Finish
Nickel Plated – 0.0015" Thick
In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Hydrostatic Leak Testing
Industry for UseFood
Delivery/Turnaround Time6 – 7 Weeks
Delivery LocationIowa
Standards MetCustomer Specifications
Product NameHydraulic Manifold
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